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No hold times or automated responses. I got the protection for my home, car, and business in just one phone call. It’s a relief not having to wait a long time to get connected to a real agent. I love the service, so fast and easy.

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I’m not tech savvy and don’t like cookie cutter results. In just a few minutes on the phone, CallandQuote Agent had provided me with 8 quotes from several insurance carriers, compared it for me, and got a new policy with lower rate, cost, and at a higher coverage. Amazing!

Dawn Hughes

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I’m satisfied switching my insurance with more coverage at a lower rate after an accident. Agent Anna helped me get what I was looking for over the phone. She handled everything for me and I didn’t have to do anything.

Sarah Evans

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I didn’t have a good experience using apps and online to make changes, payment, and renewal my insurance policies. I had questions that the live chats weren’t able to answer me, keeps getting disconnected, and losing my information. Instead, I called CallandQuote, got connected to a real Agent over the phone, and got everything done for me. It was simple and easy, allowing me to do other things while I was on the phone. CalllandQuote is the most convenient way to get insurance, absolutely the best!

Cindy Rodriguez

High Risk Insurance That’s Affordable

It was easy for me to talk to Agent Max because of his humor. Following several accidents and injuries, it was difficult to find affordable insurance to cover me. Max provided me with a better rate and coverage for my insurance. CallandQuote process allows Max to access 36+ carriers within minutes. CallandQuote is the best!

Stacy Williams

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My insurance increased by $458 without any claims or accidents in the past 6 months. CallandQuote was able to find me the same coverage at a lower premium with a carrier that provides way better service.  I’ll be referring CallandQuote to handle all of my friends and family for personal and business protection needs.

Greg Powell

Discounts on Multiple Insurance Policies

When I had to switch from the insurance app to the website to add a new insurance and update payment, it was so confusing with so many steps to take. I just called CallandQuote and spoke with Agent Bianca. She added a new payment method and also reviewed my policies for discounts. Unbelievable, I got several discounts when bundling multiple policies together. One phone call made my day! 

Patrick Jones

Exceptional Customer Service

I was directly connected to an Agent to answer all my questions immediately. The service to review for a discount was prompt. I didn’t have to wait long or worry if I’m selecting the wrong options for my policy.  In just one phone call, I was able to save $323 on my policy. Thank you CallandQuote for living up to your excellent customer service. 

Matt Tucker

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If You Are Not Comparing Insurance You Are Risking Your Business and Every Penny You Have Invested.

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Tips On Getting The Best Workers' Compensation Insurance Rate

Bundle workers' comp insurance, general liability, and commercial auto insurance in a single bill. The Pay-as-You- Go is an increasing popularity in the business world eliminating up-front costs and outdated payment methods.

Maintain a work safety program. Implementing an on and off premises workplace safety program. Well-trained employees following all recommended safety standards can help you reduce worker injuries and maintaining a clean claims history.

Proper employee classification. Ensure your workers' comp policy has proper and accurate employees classifications. Inaccurate classification error can lead to unnecessarily higher costs in premium. Make sure every employees or workers fall into the correct classification ratings and rates.

Develop a return-to-work program. Creating a return-to-work program can help you retain valuable employees. It is to help injured workers return to work as soon as they are medically able. Doing this could provide an alternative role for them to return to work more quickly. Many insurance carriers offer premium credits or discounts to business owners who offer return-to-work programs. A return-to-work program can save you the cost of hiring new employees - even if you don't earn a discount.

Compare workers' comp insurance quotes from multiple companies. We represent over 40 insurance carriers and can quickly compare coverages and costs. Because quotes can vary so much by company, there can be substantial potential savings by comparison shopping.

Do everything electronically. Many insurers offer small discounts for paying by EFT (electronic funds transfer) and receiving bills and policies electronically.

What Determines The Cost of Workers' Comp Insurance Coverage?

Small Businesses

Nearly every state requires employers to offer workers' comp insurance to employees. The average cost of workers’ compensation insurance is $936 per employee, per year or $78 per month Nationwide. Workers’ comp insurance premiums are calculated based on the gross annual payroll you pay to employees. The more payroll expenses you have, the higher your workers’ comp insurance premiums. Workers’ comp insurance premiums are also influenced by your claims history, the requirements of your employees’ roles, the type of business you’re in, and state laws.

Independent Contractors

In most states, it is required for businesses to provide workers’ comp insurance coverage for independent contractors and subcontractors who don’t have their own coverage. Avoid covering contractors by collecting their Certificate of Insurance before doing business with them. If they don’t have workers’ comp insurance, you’ll be charged for their coverage at a similar rate of their total pay based on the type of work they do.

Basic Workers' Compensation Insurance Premium Calculation

Business' industry, claims history, and total payroll is considered when calculating the premium cost of worker's comp insurance. The class code represent your business industry that's assigned a rate based on the type of work performed by your employees. Then that number is multiple by your payroll divided by $100 and an ERM (experienced modification rate) which represents history of your claims. Your workers' compensation premium result is typically written as a dollar amount per $100 of your company's payroll.

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